Go Ye Therefore (bonus post)

This is a bonus post – the usual weekend reading will be published shortly.

This map hangs on the wall of my living room, right next to where I sit and type these devotionals and Bible studies.

Jesus said to go into all the world – so the areas shaded in pink are all the places this blog has reached (except I did not paint in the USA, yet). 40 countries in total according to the digital statistics (I fear I may have missed painting in nation or two).

Not everyone is called to teach and preach – but all of us can easily share the blog on social media and maybe someone will read the salvation message and give their life to Christ! Follow and share us on Facebook and Instagram!! But most importantly share this blog – because here is where the scriptures are.

Did you know, I had slipped way for a little while? It was my friends sharing the word of the Lord on social media that reached me that one fateful day – the day I needed God to be real and alive and powerful and to reach me and tell me He loves me. Someone shared the exact thing I needed to her from God. Be that person! Be the one who shares the word of God. It might change a life! God may grow that person into having a ministry that is reaching 40 nations. God is a multiplier!!!! Also, do you know why I write in this spot in my house? This is where I laid – crying out to God to help me! This is where He heard me and changed me. This is where I had an encounter with grace and that grace continues to transform and multiply!

#GloryToGod #PraiseReport #IfNotForGrace #ifnotforgracewherewouldibe #GoYeTherefore

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