Happy Birthday to IfNotForGrace.blog!!!

I wasn’t going to acknowledge it and I was going to let it go by uncelebrated – It was just our birthday!!!

Not my personal birthday. It is this blog’s birthday. I celebrated 100 posts and 200 posts…. So why not celebrate 12 months?!? I was just so busy with the new logo and theme colors and the new Facebook and new Instagram and and and…. I don’t know. I was just going to let the birthday slide by.

I was in prayer and praying over this and all of you who read it and I felt like I was not honoring God by not commemorating that it has been a year.

There were more than 247 posts in 2020 and this is number 56 for 2021! The series on guarding our minds were the most viewed series – which is interesting because I have since taken that one (as well as some others down) to rework them. The top five Nations visiting the blog are the USA, China, South Africa, India and Kazakhstan. The USA wasn’t even in the top five a few month ago but Canada and Nigeria were. Before this post there were 542,796 words published on this site!

Just over a year ago, I was sitting in my bed writing my bible study (devotional and or anything else someone can call these). I had a pen, a note pad, and my Bible. I would pray and study and write it all down as if I was writing to someone, as if someone could read these notebooks I would fill with my thoughts and studies. And one day I heard God say, write them down on the internet.
I immediately opened a WordPress account and I set this up as a private blog and started writing them here. I didn’t give much thought to any of it. Just followed God’s lead.
“Oh man, it wants a name. What do we call it, God?” “Ok, If Not For Grace sounds good.” “Hey, God, did you see we can buy a domain and they will host it – for super cheap… there is a sale going on?!” “What? Buy the domain?” “Ok”

“Dot com” was not available – so I grabbed “dot blog”. I figured maybe I was leaving a legacy of studies for my son – I had no idea what I was doing nor did I know what God was doing. I did not set it up associated with my name so I could be genuine about my life and not worry about it’s impact on my family, friends, etc. I did not set it up with metadata or make it searchable in any way (still isn’t, maybe I should change that). This was a perfect example of what NOT to do if you wanted a flourishing blog.

But this was God’s. It was His idea and I followed His guidance all along. He made most of you find this all on your own. He grew it. I just wrote as He told me and I pray over it and all of you. This is our blog and we just turned a year old!

A month later the USA shut down and so did the world – global pandemic. But 5 days a week I posted as God told me to and together we made it through 2020 – which turned out to be quite a crazy year. Missionaries all over the world were stopped, sent home, or made to stay put someplace else. And God starts sending this blog into parts of the world I would not have previously been able to identify on a map. (I have learned now where you all are and I am painting you all on a world map and can’t wait to finish and show you all the picture of how many of you are here!) No one can tell our God to “Stay Home”!!! Nope!! Our God did a “Go, ye, therefore and teach all nations…” And off He went with this humble little blog in his tool sack! Is anyone else amazed daily at the goodness and wonder of our Mighty God?!?! He is so good!

So go buy or make some cake (or some special treat) to celebrate!!! We just turned one!!! And there wouldn’t be much to celebrate if it wasn’t for all of you popping in to see what God has left for us at this URL.

May God bless you and keep you and cover you with grace upon grace!!! Thank you for being so awesome and visiting this blog as well as the Instagram and Facebook!

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