Under Construction

Please be patient with me as I learn a little bit of web design.

no hard-hats required while under construction

We have a new logo, branding colors and themes and all sorts of fun and nice looking stuff to add to IfNotForGrace.blog across all platforms. The issue is: I do not know how to get these platforms to customize the way I WANT!! So I am compromising where I can.

Also having internet trouble and images just aren’t loading. This is more of a curve than I thought it would be. I honestly thought I would load the pretty art and be on my way.

I appreciate you all hanging in there and being supportive. The pretty artwork is just one of the many things I have for you all while we wait for the book to be published.

As always, please keep me in prayer and I will continue to focus on the word of God and bringing it to you – and put this minor distraction aside! Content will continue to come out while I am figuring this out. I will not take the site offline. Love you all!!! Thank you again for all of your support!!!

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