Humanity of God through Christ

I woke up this morning thinking this pandemic was all a strange dream. It is not a dream; it’s just difficult to process. As we (as a nation and as a world) continue to battle fear and the unknown, I want to continue to move forward in growth in Christ Jesus. I do not want to give fear more power, and more air time then it deserves. 
I will say this: Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love – first Love the Lord and second love others (Matthew 22:38-39). But the Bible also has some variation of “do not fear” 365 times throughout it. This must also be a very important command for it to be repeated so many times. Obviously not the most important but pretty high on the list.

It would seem that God understands humanity. It’s almost like he created us! As if he came to Earth, became man and has firsthand experiences with our nature and our ways. John 3:16 said God loves us so much he sent his only Son to Earth.  God gets it, He understands us. He knows we are fearful.

The very first Christians were physically followers of Jesus, literally walking wherever he went; they saw him in the flesh and understood his humanity.  They had to learn of his Godliness. While all of the rest of us understand his Godliness but how many of us really understand his humanity.

In a time when we need God to heal our land and I need God to continue to work in me, it is vital to understand this humanity. This humanity makes him something we can reach and helps the heavenly father reach us. It causes a mutual understanding of each other which is so important when you are in a relationship with someone (to understand them). There is literally power in the knowledge of the full miracle of Christ becoming man and dying for our sins, raising again from the dead that we may have eternal life.

One of the first heresies in the church was recorded in 1 John 4:1-6 – Apparently people were saying Jesus didn’t really come in the flesh – wasn’t human.
“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world. You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are of the world. Therefore they speak as of the world, and the world hears them. We are of God. He who knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” NKJV

But we know Jesus was a man, walking the Earth – experiencing temptations, trials, emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 NKJV

I want to quote a part of an article on this topic called “Jesus is Fully Human” by David Mathis. (I agree with this paragraph, I do not know this person’s teachings and this is not quoted in support of anything. This paragraph sums us everything I wanted to say, very neatly.):

“The New Testament is clear enough that Jesus has a human body. John 1:14 means at least this, and more: “The Word became flesh.” His humanity became one of the first tests of orthodoxy (1 John 4:2; 2 John 7). He was born (Luke 2:7). He grew (Luke 2:40, 52). He grew tired (John 4:6) and got thirsty (John 19:28) and hungry (Matthew 4:2). He became physically weak (Matthew 4:11; Luke 23:26). He died (Luke 23:46). And he had a real human body after his resurrection (Luke 24:39; John 20:20, 27).”

So now we can move onto the grace part.

Jesus understands.  Because he is also God he has 2 perspectives and he understand better than we do!  But he understands you. He understands me.
We have all felt unworthy of his forgiveness and grace – he understands. We aren’t worthy, yet he gives it, because he loves us and he understands.
When we pray, to a holy and righteous and all powerful ruler, king of kings, holy majesty, creator of all things – we can come to him through the humanity of Christ. Through the eyes and understanding of Jesus, like the 12 disciples did, as an approachable and understanding friend.  
When we ask for forgiveness, he not just forgives and forgets – he understands. When we give into temptation, fall or struggle, he not just forgives, but he understands. We can go to him about anything and everything – he truly understands.

Jesus, understands because of his experiences as a human.

Now for us to understand him – this is grace. The amazing grace of Jesus is so many things.  First of all Grace means giving thanks.  But yet Grace is given to us in our time of need to help us through it, and grace is all wrapped up in our own salvation story, and grace is tied to faith and believing all God’s promises. Grace seems to have multiple meanings. But the action of grace causes thanks giving!  Grace is such a powerful word – it encompasses love, mercy, help, kindness, and understanding and it causes thankfulness.  I beg you to give it more thought; the magnitude of it need to sink in.   

There are a lot of unknowns about this pandemic and our future. Yet we try to live and move forward in this new normal and still have all the same struggles as before. Know that during this time, and all the time, no matter how small or big something is, take it to God, through Jesus – He understands. Being ashamed and repentant of your sins in conviction, but do not be condemned – through this mighty grace of his humanity, Jesus understands!

Pray, therefore, not formal prayers of eloquent words, but just talk to him. Tell him your heart, share your struggles and thoughts – the same way you would with your best friend.  He hears them and understands.

Thank you for reading – stay blessed and healthy – pray Psalms 91

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